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Jomcuci88 Best VIP Casino Programs 2022

VIP casino is intrinsic to heavily players-centered Jomcuci88. Customers are the lifeblood of Jomcuci88 and there’s no better way of showing appreciation than a VIP club casino

By establishing a VIP club, we invite the loyal customers to be a part of the bigger family. Here at the VIP casino for Jomcuci88, it provides exclusive privileges not found elsewhere. 

The ultimate goal is to make the players feel like they’re treated like royalty at the casino.

What Are VIP Programs?

VIP online casino is a loyalty program operated by the online casinos. They are the product of marketing strategies designed to engage with the players. 

It aims to provide exclusive rewards to the registered players, and by doing so, it gives them incentives to continue playing with the online casino. In reality, the ultimate goal serves the purpose of customer appreciation and customer retention

By introducing specific rewards for the players, it helps to show that the casino cares about their needs and understands how to make the gambling experience better. Each deposit and losses do not go unnoticed, and there are ways which the casino can make each bet better.

In addition, by encouraging the players to participate in the VIP casino, they will also spend more time in the casino. When they put in more money for gambling, the casino can profit from the extended play time. 

In addition, VIP benefits are also a consideration factor for the players to determine the best platform for their money.

How Does a Jomcuci88 VIP Casino Work?

VIP casino Malaysia is not available just to anyone. In order to be a part of the special club, the players must be registered players of Jomcuci88

The membership level can be divided into 3 tiers - silver, gold, and platinum. Each tier has its own minimum spending requirement. It will be determined how much the player deposits into their accounts, and how much they wagered in their bets. 

Once the player hits a certain amount of expenditure, they will be invited by the customer service team to join the online casino VIP. These customers are also known as high rollers who are profitable for the casinos.

However, there are also VIP memberships which do not require the players to hit a threshold of expenditure. 

However, at Jomcuci88, the minimum amount of expenditure to attain Silver status is RM5,000. A subsequent spending of RM2,000 will upgrade the players’ VIP status into the next tier. 

In short, to join the VIP membership, the players must be able to spend extravagantly, and it’s not meant for casual players.

Best Features of Jomcuci88 VIP Casino Program

a. Dedicated Personal Account Manager

VIP members are treated with utmost importance in the casino VIP program. There’s no better way to show this than to assign an account manager for your membership. 

The purpose of the account manager is to provide the best service to facilitate the gambling activities of players. 

The account manager will be responsible to oversee all account activities. Should the player have any feedback or issues, they can highlight it directly to the account manager. 

b. Expedited Withdrawals

The waiting for payout can be nerve-wrecking for some players. While the average waiting period for withdrawal of a big sum of money is between 1-3 days, the VIP members are treated differently. 

The withdrawal will be processed on a fast track lane and the payout is guaranteed in 1 day. 

The VIP members can expect to see the money sooner in their accounts, and invest them again in games like VIP slot casino.

c. Special Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are inseparable from Jomcuci88. However, the privileges for VIP members are anything but basic.

When it comes to the staple bonuses such as reload and referral, the VIP members enjoy greater rates than conventional members. 

As a result, for each validated bonus, the members of Jomcuci88 can rejoice for higher payouts. 

In addition, there are also special promotions which are exclusive for the VIP members only. This may include lucky draws for casino VIP gifts and entry to VIP room casino.

How to Get Started with the Jomcuci88 Online Casino VIP Programs?

It’s fairly easy to join the VIP casino membership. The players only need to follow these steps below:

Step 1: Register for an account at Jomcuci88 login.

Step 2: Make a big sum of deposit (preferably at RM5,000 in Jomcuci88 ewallet for beginners). Alternatively, the player may also deposit a small amount, and make repeated deposits periodically to hit the amount.

Step 3: Play the games as you please. Recommend to wager in a variety of games in the website.

Step 4: When you have wagered enough, the customer service team will get in touch with you to upgrade your membership.

Types of Rewards

Several types of rewards are employed by Jomcuci88 which are on par with other VIP casino sites. These bonuses can be enjoyed by members of all different tiers. 

The mixed variety provides ample opportunities to find one that suits you.

i. Cashback

As the name suggests, cashback returns a sum of money to the player everytime they make a deposit. This can be presented in the form of rebate and reload bonus at a fixed rate. 

Therefore, when the players reload their balance, the players can see additional funds credited to the account too. 

On the other hand, cashback may also be presented as a rescue bonus. This type of bonus is activated when the player has hit a certain amount of losses. It serves to soften the blow of losses.

Ii. Free Spin Bonuses

This bonus can be used in VIP slots casino. The players can spin the slots at no cost. No deduction from the player’s account will occur. 

In fact, the players can keep the money if it is won with free spins. However, there are selected terms and conditions which might be in effect before a withdrawal is permitted.

iii. Reward Multipliers

Reward multipliers are tied to slots. Reward multipliers employ a mechanism whereby any winnings will be multiplied by a lucky number. 

The reward multipliers are only activated for a limited time period which makes it a highly sought after reward. 

Most multiplier amounts are set at 2x or 3x. However, there are rare instances where the number is set at 10. 

Therefore, the players should take advantage of this attractive reward and multiply their winnings for more money.

iv. Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus is a one-time only bonus for new players. This serves as a registration gift for them. Once the bonus is claimed, it will not be awarded for subsequent deposits. 

As this bonus is non-recurring, it is advised that the player should make a bigger first deposit and claim a bigger sum of welcome bonus. 

Jomcuci88 provides a 50% welcome bonus for new players. As long as the player makes a minimum deposit of RM30, they are eligible to claim the bonus. 

The bonus can be used in virtually all games available on the website. Any winnings which are made through the bonus are also eligible for withdrawal. 

How to Choose The Best Casino VIP Loyalty Programs in Malaysia?

a. Variety of Rewards

Ideally, there should be a diverse mix of rewards. More choices will allow the players to find a reward that suits their spending habits and interests. 

For instance, a casual gambler may not find rescue bonus attractive if the amount of losses is not high. 

Therefore, by having a fair balance of rewards, the players can choose the types which can aid them in the current circumstances.

b. Casino Reputation

If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Any VIP casino programs with big payout and almost no rules are big red flags. It’s always wise to think about the people behind the bonuses. 

Are the bonuses genuine? To answer this question, the player needs to do research online and study other players’ feedback. This can help to determine if the bonuses are scams or legitimate. 

Social media accounts, forums, and casino review websites are good places to start for the research.

c. Rates of Payout

Although the casino bonuses may appear the same, the rates of payout are far from identical for all casinos. Higher rates of bonuses are always more desirable. 

However, this is also dependent on the terms and conditions. If the rules are strict, it would be difficult for the player to fulfill it for payout. 

To make an accurate comparison between different bonuses and casinos, the player must read more than just descriptions. Full terms and conditions must be studied to evaluate if the bonuses are player-friendly. 

If it appears that important details are selectively left out, the player should look elsewhere for good bonuses.


Online casino promotions are essential to both online casinos and the players. Jomcuci88 understands its importance and we actively work to provide the best VIP casino experience for the players. 

The casino continues to improve on its promotion catalogue and we expect to introduce more exciting promotions for the valued players. 

Stay tuned for more surprises ahead as we expand on our offerings to elevate online gambling standards in Malaysia.
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