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Terms Of Used Jomcuci88

Jomcuci88(the "Site," "we," "use") and any licensed affiliate site operating its services is a Malaysian online casino. 

The site and its applications (the “Platform”) are responsible for providing the services to the registered users.

This Terms of Use contains information that explains how you (the "user") can access the Platform and engage with our products plus services. 

The site offers services through the Platform and the user must comply with the conditions in order to use them.

The user must read this document and understand the content. Otherwise, it is highly ill-advised for the user to use the services without accepting these terms of use. 


The Platform is developed with selective purposes. It is meant for: 

Individuals in search for gambling and gaming-related products plus services through an online casino

Individual or group looking for basic and advanced information regarding gambling and betting games activities

An individual who would like to register with our services (including casino products in general) and use these services on the site. Promotions and bonuses are also included in these services.

The Platform shall not be used for anything else but to enhance our services ("Purpose"). Other activities from this are strictly prohibited.

General Agreement

The Terms of Use contain a binding legal agreement (“Agreement”) between the user and the site. 

While the user is accessing the site, it means that you agree to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated in this Agreement.

When you access and use the site in any manner, download and/or use the content, these indicate that you have agreed to the terms of use. 

You also agree that you are using the site at your own risk and we are not responsible.


By accepting the Terms of Use and accessing the Platform, you warrant that:

You are at least 18 years old and competent to enter a valid, binding legal contract following Malaysian Law.

You are eligible to act according to the purpose, and you will use it lawfully and in an acceptable manner.

How to Use the Platform

The site and its services are meant for entertainment purposes and monetary gain only through online gambling. 

Hence, all use of the website must be within this scope of the purpose. Whether a certain or use actually follows the defined scope of purpose, the platform reserves the right to determine it. 

The actions below are considered misuse of the Platform and breaching of this Terms of Use:

- Copying, extracting, downloading, or modifying any content on this site with the purpose of monetary gain without asking for permission. 

Examples of such uses include commercial purposes like creating an alternative database, seeking fees by misusing the site name, and encouraging other users not to join. 

- When accessing, and playing games on the Platform, attempting to use any illegal and unauthorized programs, software, or systems (example, spiders, robots, and crawlers), with the purpose is to cheat the system for an upper hand in the games. 

- Attempting to gain illegal access through hacking, password mining, or similar methods to any part of the site directly or indirectly.

- Modifying any part of the site and services offered by using any technology or overlaying any additional products that are banned by the site owner.

- Attempting to breach any security measure set in place. Doing so will lead to the cancellation of your account and any benefits it might have accrued.

- Impersonating another person or entity by stealing their login information. Identity theft is strictly prohibited and punishable by law.

Limitations to the Use of the Platform

By accepting these Terms of Use, you agree to follow any limitations placed on the use of the Platform. Please be informed that the limitations can also include geographic and location restrictions. 

The violation of any of these items will result in the permanent ban of you from accessing the services. Other appropriate actions may also be taken as we see fit. 

User Information and Security

You warrant that all information given during registration or creating a profile is true and correct. 

The user must also strive to keep the information up to date. The Platform reserves all rights to remove or suspend any content or profile that violates these Terms of Use.

During the registration process and creation of the profile, you warrant that all the information is true and correct. The user is also responsible to keep the information up to date. 

Users also should not share their account information and passwords with anyone. The safety and security of login credentials, including passwords and account access information, are your sole responsibility. 

The privacy settings in the Platform can help you to protect the data to a certain degree. Please feel free to make good use of these features. 

The user must adhere to these Terms of Use at all times. Before signing up and using any of the products in the Platform, the user must agree to Terms of Use. If you have any questions and concerns, please feel free to contact us.
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