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According to statistics, the global market size of the sports betting industry is estimated to be around $203 billion. 

While being really big around the world, sports betting is still an upcoming industry in Asia. But Asia is definitely catching up fast as sports betting games are becoming one of the most sought-after games in online casinos.

More players are getting into the online casino industry due to sports betting and many players are looking forward to new additions of games in the sports betting industry in Asia.

These days, many players are becoming avid sports bettors which resulted in the bloom in Sportsbook Asia.

Famous Online Sport Betting Games in Malaysia

So what are some of the sports betting games that are favored and enjoyed around the world? 

Depending on the countries, the favored sports betting games differ, but these are the most enjoyed sports betting games in Asia.

Football Betting

Football, also known as soccer is one of the biggest and most played sports globally. There is almost no one in the world who hasn’t seen a game of football. 

Other than that, it is also one of the most expensive sports globally. While players do bet on football daily, a tremendous spike in sports betting happens during the Champions League and during the FIFA World Cup.

Sportsbook around the world sees a rise of almost 70% in the new player during these seasons. 

Similarly, the winning prizes and bets rise as well. Players if bet wisely, will be able to win big during these football seasons.

Basketball Betting

Basketball is another game that’s similar to football when it comes to popularity. 

The popularity of basketball is also unrivaled in this industry. Till today, basketball is known to attract avid basketball lovers to the sports betting scene.

The NBA games especially see a huge jump in sports bettors. There are many new sports bettors that come to the sportsbook to bet only during this time. 

These are all basketball lovers that only bet during basketball or NBA game. This is why basketball is known to have its own league of sports bettors.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is another game that has been equivalent or equated to sports betting for the longest time. 

It is believed that the big history of sports betting started with horse racing. Despite being around for so long, it is still one of the only sports where you can bet 24/7 around the world.

It is also known as one of the richest sports betting events. The global estimation of this market is around $130 billion annually and surprisingly, this market is dominated by Asian countries. 

Horse racing is so popular that it is legalized in many different countries around the world.

Esport Betting

Esports is one of the fastest-growing sports markets in the world. Since its creation, this market has seen a tremendous increase in market size and players.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is a rising game in the world globally. Despite believing that this game attracts only a small number of countries, it is believed to be one of the most popular sports in the world. 

Many of the bettors come from New Zealand, India, Australia, England, Pakistan, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe.

The IPL is a massive cricket tournament that attracts many new players around the world. The sportsbook around the world sees a huge jump on bets during this season.

Best Features of Online Sports Betting Malaysia on Jomcuci88

The success of a sports betting site does not come easily, there are must always be things that new sportsbooks do better to attract players. So what sets Jomcuci88 aside from other sports betting sites

Here are a few things that we think Jomcuci88 does better:

a. Great sportsbook bonuses

Jomcuci88 login is known for its extensive bonuses for its sportsbook betting players. 

As they are very focused on becoming one of the best Malaysian sportsbook, they are currently attracting sportsbook Malaysian players by providing attractive bonuses. 

Players will only need to login into their Jomcuci88 account and the bonuses will be available for use in their Jomcuci88 ewallet almost immediately.

b. Easy app and site navigation

Other than bonuses, Jomcuci88 has come up with its own sports betting app that focuses solely on sports betting.

Players will be able to find sports betting platform providers in one place under this Malaysian sportsbook app.

This online sportsbook Malaysia will also focus on live telecasts and updates on the sports betting games around the world. 

Players can head straight to this app if they would like to know about the updates on the games they bet on.

c. Credible and safe

Credibility and safety is the main aspect that many players look for in an online sport betting site Malaysia. 

It is always best if you know the site you are using holds a valid license and is very responsible for your money. Jomcuci88 is a Malaysian sports betting site and also one of the best online sportsbook these days. 

Players will be playing under a Malaysian online sports betting site that has a distinguished and good reputation and is also safe.

Best 4 Jomcuci88 Online Sportsbook Games Provider Malaysia

i. M8Bet

M88bet is one of Asia’s best online sports betting and gaming site

Players will be able to find most of the most popular sports betting games on this site. It is also known to house many other different kinds of games that are not found elsewhere

Ii. Sbobet

SBOBET is the winner of the EGR’s Asian Operator of the year for two consecutive years. It is known to be one of the world’s leading online gaming company operators. 

Other than online casino games, they also create many other sports betting games.

iii. Bet33

Bet33 is a new and upcoming sportsbook site. This site works in conjunction with Jomcuci88 for its sports betting content. 

So players can visit either one of the sites to play any sports betting games of their choice. Similar Jomcuci88, Bet33 has its own ewallet system that will make deposits easier.


IBCBET is one of or not the most well-known and reputable online sportsbooks in Asia. 

Even though they recently rebranded their operations, their popularity is still on the rise. They are known to house both popular and non-popular sports betting games. So players will be able to find all kinds of games here.

How To Play Sport Betting Online?

Starting your sports betting journey is actually easier than you think. Before anything, you must first create an account under any sportsbook of your choice. Once you’ve done that, look through the sports betting games available on the site.

Choose a game of your choice and learn the strategies and basic tips before jumping into the betting sessions. Claim all the bonuses available as it will help to increase your bankroll.

Jomcuci88 com Mobile Sport Betting Apps

Jomcuci88 has come up with its own version of a sportsbook app where players will be able to download and place bets easily. 

Other than placing bets, Jomcuci88 has included important updates in the gaming scores and live updates that make it easier for players to keep a tab on the games they placed bets on.

Claim Jomcuci88 Malaysia Online Sport Betting Free Credit Bonus!

To claim the Jomcuci88 free credit, you can head to the official website of Jomcuci88 and click on the “claim bonus” button. 

You will only be able to claim the bonus if you have an account under Jomcuci88. So make sure to create an account for free before claiming the bonus.

Best Online Sport Betting Tips To Win

What are some of the simple tips you can follow to increase your winning chances:

Tips #1: Be Selective of the Games and Wagers

While the aspect of betting on many different games can be appealing, it is not the best thing to do as a sports bettor. 

A good and wise sports bettor chooses their game wisely. They do not jump the gun without any knowledge of the game they are betting on.

Other than that, you must also choose your wagers wisely, do not place too many different wagers at once as you can lose it all at once as well. 

Concentrate on finding the best wager options for the game and stick to it. Switch only when it seems necessary or when it seems that your current wager is not working.

Tips #2: Learn betting strategies

The big thing that most new beginner sports bettor doesn’t do is learn simple strategies. Sports betting is not something you can jump into blindly without knowing if you would like to win. 

While it is okay to go into it blindly, it is best if you learn simple strategies before diving fully into it if you aim to win. 

Learn the market prices, bet sizes, winning streaks, and the probability of the game before betting on the game. All these will help you make a good decision while betting.

Tips #3: Set achievable goals

It is very important as a player that you set achievable goals. Setting a goal too high can be discouraging if you don’t reach them. 

Therefore, it is important that you start off by setting realistic goals and move on to higher goals along the way. 

In reality, setting small goals can help you boost your confidence and help you with your strategies. It will also avoid you from making mistakes as you lose confidence once you make a small mistake.
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