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When it comes to the gambling law in Malaysia, the line lies in a grey area. This is because when it comes to gambling, it is not legal. 

However, that law only applies to landed casinos except for the Genting Casino. Online casinos in Malaysia are not illegal as there are no specific rules to address this issue.

Under the Gambling Act 1953, the government bans any type of gambling under this country’s law. This includes any form of communication, players, or private gambling houses.

While this law instructs on landed gambling, there’s no specific law to address online casinos. So online casinos cannot be considered illegal if they have a licensing body.
To a large extent, many online casinos are considered illegal only because they do not have a proper licensing body. 

A valid licensing body is essential as it makes sure that players are protected from any mistakes by the online casino. Therefore this will create a safe environment for players to invest and play these games.

This privacy policy will explain how jomcuci88 collects, stores, and uses all the important information provided by the site users for site use. 

We strongly encourage you to read the full privacy policy carefully before proceeding. Find all relevant information below.

The first information is unidentifiable information pertaining to users. This information will be gathered while you use this site. 

However, we will not be able to identify you from this information as it is not personal information that’s being collected.

For the sake of enhancing the functions of the service and to provide you with the best user experience, we would collect any technical information transmitted by your computer. 

This includes any use of third-party analytic cookies, certain software and hardware information pertaining to the language preference, time of access, the domain name of the site linked to your services, preferred browser type, and the operating system of the device used.

Other than that, we also collect information on your service uses as the user activity is performed such as the total amount of time spent on a particular page, online browsing history, clicks, actions performed, pages viewed and etc. This information is collected among many other things for research and analytics purposes.

We collect, remove, and de-identity the information collected by the services as this information cannot identify you on its own. 

Therefore, the use and disclosure of such de-identified information will not be subjected to any restriction under the privacy policy of this site. We may or may not disclose it to others without limitation as it contains no personal information.

The next information type is identifiable information which includes any information that identifies an individual with or without any reasonable effort to identify. This information is called “personal information”. 

By providing us your email address or comment with a name on that website, the website will collect this information and store it as personal information.

Other information in connection to this may be collected as well including the device information, internet information, and IP address. 

All this information will be kept in private and will not be disclosed to anyone including all third parties because it’s classified as sensitive information.


Cookies and other technologies and methods are used to gather, store and track other important information that’s related to whenever you visit the site and whatever activities are done through the site.

A cookie is identified as a piece of data that’s stored on your computer that contains information about how you use the website as well as what pages have you visited on the website. 

This information may be used by us and our trusted partner for various purposes.

These purposes include making it easier to navigate from one page to another. 

It also enables the automatic activation of certain features that you need the most to efficiently use the website as well as remembering your preference to make the interaction between you and the website pages faster. 

All these will help us serve you faster and easier and it will also improve the user experience from your side.

By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of cookies. If you do not agree with the use of cookies, we strongly advise you to close the enable cookie button in the google setting before proceeding to use this site.

It is important that you know that, we abide by the law when we use your information. We DO NOT use any personal information for private gaining. 

We also DO NOT trade, sell or share any of your personal information with third parties otherwise mentioned in this privacy policy.
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