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About jomcuci88

Jomcuci88 is an online casino, just like others in the rapidly growing online gambling industry. However, we take pride in being beyond ordinary. 

What other casinos lacked, we have the games for our valued customers. Meanwhile we continue to improve on our existing products and services. This is to help us to become a top online casino Malaysia. 

Backstory of Jomcuci88

We had a humble beginning as the online casino Malaysia that provides slots and live casino as the only games in the website.

This occurred when there was great demand for online gambling as Malaysians attempted to explore gambling avenues beyond the conventional physical casinos. Our selection of games in the early days reflect the taste of novice Malaysian gamblers in its infancy.

As the industry grows, Jomcuci88 adapts to the changing trends too. Hence, we expanded our catalogue of games to sports betting, online lottery, and poker. Now, we take great pride in providing gambling entertainment around the clock for avid gamblers. 

In addition, we have also developed and released mobile casino apps due to popular demand. Mobile casino gambling proves to be a territory for vast opportunities - and it’ll be our focus in the upcoming years.


The vision of Jomcuci88 is guided by 3 values - Honesty, forward thinking, and professionalism. 

These values have guided us since we first ventured into online gambling, and it continues to be our guiding principle.


Trust must be earned, and being honest is the way to go. Customer support means everything to us, and being honest is the best method to cultivate it. 

We are clear and transparent about what to expect in our products and services. The players can expect no less than what was promised. 

Forward Thinking

Nothing stays the same forever. Trend and technology development affect how online casino Malaysia operate. We never want to be left out of the loop, or deemed irrelevant by the players.

In our games and promotions, we take the considerations of what to expect in the future of gambling. Noticeably, this primarily affects our choice of games to ensure it attracts the interest of players.


Everything that makes the customers happy is important for us. Be it feedback or complaints, we attend to it with extreme care. 

However, we hope to be professional in our dealings with the customers so there wouldn’t be any problems in the first place. Being professional shows that we care about our customers and the quality of work.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become Malaysia’s most player-centric online casino Malaysia. We dedicate all our time and effort into making an excellent online casino which thinks and acts from the perspective of the players. 

We often ask ourselves - ‘What do the players like?’. To answer this question, we employ a dedicated team of employees who are die-hard gambling enthusiasts too.

By creating an online casino which is developed by like-minded individuals, we aim to make a difference in this saturated market. 

This is also how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors through an excellent array of games which are highly sought after. By creating unique rarity of our games, we are convinced that the players will come back for more.

Why Should Choose Jomcuci88?

Jomcuci88 stands out as the best online casino Malsysia for several reasons below:

a. Big Variety of Games

The casino offers something for everyone. The players can expect to play slots, live casino, and more. Even in each category of games, there are more varieties which are up to the players to play. 

The different options offer something new for each gameplay. This prevents boredom and it’ll help the players to find comfort zones. New games are added into the website every month to keep gambling exciting.

b. Attractive Bonuses

No gambling is complete without taking advantage of bonuses and promotions. The players can enjoy welcome bonus, reload bonus, and more. 

The rates are highly competitive, and the terms plus conditions are not restricted. This permits the players to work actively on making every bet count with the bonus. 

Our bonuses are also far from being strict, which means they require little effort to claim them successfully.

c. 24/7 Customer Support

Online casino never sleep, and the customer support team shares this belief too. Anytime the player requires assistance, they may contact them for support. 

The friendly team is always on standby to give their best on resolving your issues. They are also able to assist if there are problems about membership and withdrawal. 

The players can communicate with them via live chat, voice call, e-mails, and even WhatsApp. Replies can expected within 1-2 working days because we know you want an answer.

d. Mobile Gameplay

Online gambling is more than just a desktop activity. The players may enjoy on-the-go gambling entertainment with Jomcuci88 mobile app. 

By installing the app on the smartphones, they can continue playing with the same game mechanics. The user interface of the app is friendly yet it doesn’t differ too drastically from the desktop version. 

This creates good ease of use for Android and iOS smartphone users. Continuous updates are also released so that the app perform in optimum condition.

e. Good Payment Options

Make a deposit in any way you prefer. Whether it’s credit/debit card, fund transfer, e-wallet, or others, you can decide how you want to pay. 

No matter which method you choose, we treat your fund with care and they are all processed with utmost care. 

Rest assured, we’ll be introducing even more payment options for your convenience. Jomcuci88 also employed an industrial standard firewall to protect the website.

 Therefore, any transactions are secure and the players can gamble safely.


Jomcuci88 takes great pride in providing good gambling entertainment for the players. In the pursuit to become an excellent online casino Malaysia, we always stay true to our vision.

 We hope the players will join us on the journey to take online gambling entertainment to the next level. 

With the support of our valued customers, we believe our mission can be accomplished in the near future.
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